The cLHy Project

We focus on delivering a robust, secure, and efficient HTTP server and software systems to support multi-platform implementation of Blockchain, mobile and web applications, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things). Our goal of this project is to provide scalable and extensible software that provides a multi-implementation HTTP services. For industries we offer a services that suits a wide variety of deployments and customizations. For other users and open source communities, we offer a solid base to build upon, along with extensive resources to build, test, release, and maintain source codes. We are also expanding the availability of cLHy source codes across a number of repositories.

cLHy 1.6.26 is Ready

The new stable cLHy Community Edition (CE) version 1.6.26 is ready for download. It comes with updates and improvements in several cAPIs, and addition of a new cAPI to support NeuroCache client. For more information about the changes in cLHy 1.6.26 see here. Enjoy!

Quick Steps to Install & Test cLHy

Download, configure, build, and install cLHy from the source :

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf cLHy-1.6.26.tar.gz
$ cd cLHy-1.6.26
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Test the cLHy installation :

$ sudo /usr/local/clhydelman/bin/wwhy -k start

Open http://localhost in your web browser. If everything run well, you should see cLHy welcome page. You can customize the cLHy's CLI front-end by moving the delmanserve binary from /usr/local/clhydelman/bin/ to /usr/local/bin/ so you can invoke cLHy without adding its path :

$ sudo mv /usr/local/clhydelman/bin/delmanserve /usr/local/bin/

Restart cLHy from your current working directory :

$ sudo delmanserve -k restart

Give some further configurations to customize the installed cLHy HTTP server :

$ sudo nano /usr/local/clhydelman/conf/wwhy.conf

Read the cLHy installation guide or other resources shown below for more customization and configuration options.

cLHy Resources


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